Dude where's my team?

What do you do, as a junior manager, when the senior managers decide to reassign all your subordinates to other teams and then the clients dumps a whole lot of time-critical work on you?

I can either cry like a baby; put in over-time or else just shrug my shoulders and let it go where it's going. Having worked overtime every time a project slipped behind since August, I'm just not in the mood for it anymore. It leaves me bored and depressed; not something I'd recommend to any of my colleagues.

I'm not much of a baby either, so I'll just see what happens.

Looking ahead...

I've got a lot of things to look ahead to now: A new home; going to get married by the end of this year; going to be taking on greater responsibilities at work. There's a lot to look forward to, and a lot of unknowns. All of a sudden it seems that all fronts of my life are changing be it my home life, my office life, with family or friends or even my hobbies, all are changing.

A few months ago I wouldn't have been able to spend more than a couple of days without a computer and internet access. At the moment, my computer has been out of order for over two weeks now and it doesn't bother me that much at all.

I've never really had time to blog before today. Always have been busy with surfing, programming, reading but never staying at one place long enough to have an opinion worth writing about.

After a few months of 11 hours days at work and then more work at home, now all I want is a bit of peace and quiet. Some rest.

Looking forward to new beginnings.

To blog or not to blog...

In the past few months I've come here many times, intending to write whatever was on my mind, but always ended up hesitating for that minuscule period of time that an idea needs to escape my mind. Being the reserved guy that I am, I felt a bit weird writing my thoughts here once my anonymity had disappeared.

I just have to write somewhere though. I spend too much time writing code: mechanical, mathematical and bland instructions that are devoid of any emotive value whatsoever. So here I am, back yet again.

Well, who am I kidding, I'm still not sure whether I shouldn't just delete this whole blog and be done with it.

During this period of indecisiveness, I even ventured over to another blog host and set up an account there. Unfortunately, that site didn't feel one bit like 20six. There weren't any cheerful people around.

Maybe I should delete all my old posts and start afresh right here.


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Well I'm always one to try out new things I come across.

Even when I don't relly need them...

A desk-job is not right. Sitting at a desk from morning to evening doesn't cut it for me. Sometimes I wish I had a job that required both mental and physical labour. ("Beware what you wish for" comes to mind, but based on historic evidence pertaining to my wishes, I'm quite sure there's no danger).

Immediately after watching the Argentina vs. Mexico match, me and my friends decided to have a little soccer match of our own... never mind that it was 2:30 am. So today was the first time (since April) that I actually ran out of breath.

"Pakistan to Get 'World's Largest' WiMAX Network"

Read blog entry.

Well now, this is news to me.

So we are to go from having a pityful mostly-circuit-switched, wires-held-together-with-spit-and-gum network to the biggest darn WiMAX network in the world? There must be some other Pakistan out there.

The sceptic in me is telling me to pay no attention; that, as usual, some (a) silly government policy (b) change in government or (c) the fragile civic infrastructure will eventually cause this whole thing to collapse in on itself.

The opportunist in me wants to be one of the first to put it to use. Let's see what September brings.

School can be so much more